One down, two to go…


First off, I want to say hello to all the fellow Yankees fans out there. This is my first entry here on the MLBlogs.

As you can tell, I am a die-hard Yankees fan. So watching last nights game was sweet. The Yankees played very aggressive, they had 7 stolen bases (which should have been 8), Arod was on fire and Joba got his head back together. The job is not officially done yet. Two more games and the Yankees can pop open that champagne and rub it in the faces of those damned Red Sox…

It was only a few months ago when those Red Sox took 8 games from the Yank’s. They outhit the Yankees, out-pitched the Yankees and even stole home. That old fossil John Henry even started Twittering about us, poking fun of the great Yankees Universe. Little did he know that the Empire always strikes back!

Notice John Henry does not Twitter much nowadays…

So now on to Game Two at the Boogie Down… Here is today’s matchup.

New York Yankees: C.C.Sabathia ( 18-7 3.31 ERA)
Boston Red Sox:
Daisuke Matsuzaka ( 3-5 6.80 ERA)

New Yankee Stadium – 4:10PM EDT
TV: FOX (aka the Red Fox Network)

Lets Go Yankees!!!